Ultimate English B1+ Student's Book
ISBN-13: 978-9925-31-585-7
CEFR Level: B1+

Ultimate English Student’s Book features: 

•    Ten thematically organised units, each comprised of distinct lessons covering all skills, vocabulary and grammar. 

•    Spectacular profile pages that build on students’ knowledge and creativity to invite them into each unit topic. 

•   Specially created, enticing video clips in all Reading and Skills lessons, offering an ideal introduction to topics and key language. 

•    A clear learning path through each lesson with a feasible spoken or written learning outcome. 

•    A variety of carefully graded tasks that build up vocabulary and communicative skills. 

•    Grammar presented in a dedicated lesson through learner interaction and then practised and recycled throughout the unit.
•    Special attention to developing writing skills thanks to a separate lesson that offers detailed guidance, writing models and extra Language and Writing checklists. 

•    A complete scheme for developing speaking skills, with additional speaking opportunities in the OneToOne and One-Minute Talk features. 

•    Special Go Global lessons that take students into the real world and further develop the language skills they will need beyond the classroom. 

•    Ample opportunities for practice and exam preparation in each unit in the Practice and Review sections, with additional Progress checks after every two units. 

•    A Grammar reference section with detailed coverage of the grammar theory in each unit. 

•    A Writing bank and Speaking bank with extra material to support the students’ productive skills development.

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Ultimate English B1+ Workbook
ISBN-13: 978-9925-31-590-1
CEFR Level: B1+

Ultimate English Workbook includes a wealth of stimulating activities that closely reflect the topics, language areas and content of the Student’s Book. The Workbook engages learners thanks to its visual appeal and clear organisation, while offering support and developing their language skills so that learners can reach their full potential.

Ultimate English Workbook features:

• A full set of carefully graded tasks for each core lesson of the Student’s Book, offering thorough practice in task formats already familiar to students.

• Activities for each lesson that recycle, practise and expand on all aspects of language presented in the Student’s Book.

• Meaningful activities with a fresh and interesting approach which makes the Workbook ideal for class use as well as homework practice.

• A gentle introduction to exams built into the Workbook lessons that offer students exposure to exam tasks and ensure their success.

• Full coverage of vocabulary and grammar through a comprehensive syllabus that gives students opportunities to learn, use and revise all key language throughout the course.

• Helpful Tips that focus on common errors and special difficulties, and develop learning strategies.

• Special attention paid to further development of reading and writing skills, with step-by-step writing guidance that instils confidence into students to express themselves.

• Extra exam preparation in specially designed Practice sections that reflect established English language exams.

• Additional Practice check sections at the end of every two units that offer an opportunity for carefully controlled assessment.

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Ultimate English B1+ Grammar International
ISBN-13: 978-9925-31-581-9
CEFR Level: B1+

Ultimate English Grammar has been specially written to precisely reflect the topics, grammar areas and lexical fields in Ultimate English Student’s Book. Grammar is presented through engaging visualsand motivating reading texts to expose learners to the natural use of language and to offer good models for its effective and accurate use.

Ultimate English Grammar features:
• Fresh and thought-provoking reading texts, carefully developed to recycle vocabulary areas of the respective unit in the Student’s Book while offering an ideal, context-based presentation of the key grammar.
• Detailed grammar tables with complete reference, explanation and examples on all grammar areas included in the Student’s Book and needed for the CEFR level.
• A large range of practice exercises for every grammar point, graded in difficulty.
• Activities reflecting typical exam tasks to offer familiarisation with all established exams at this level.
• Special Tips drawing the learners’ attention to particular problem areas of language use, with clear and concise examples.
• Guided writing tasks at the end of each unit offering students an opportunity to express themselves using the target language.

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Ultimate English B1+ Test Book
ISBN-13: 978-9925-31-588-8
CEFR Level: B1+
Ultimate English B1+ Teacher's Book
ISBN-13: 978-9925-31-587-1
CEFR Level: B1+

The Ultimate English Teacher's Book is a complete guide for teachers using the Ultimate English course.  It includes a detailed introduction to the methodology of the course with comprehensive coverage of approach, lesson organisation and aims classroom techniques, etc.

Ultimate English Teacher's Book includes: 

  • a special Walk-through Unit where the Student's Book structure, lesson sections and all key features are succinctly presented in an at-a-glance visual demonstration.
  • thorough guidance for every unit in the Student's Book, with lesson aims, detailed notes for each activity and additional optional activities.
  • Extra Tasks for Early Finishers offering additional practice on key items of grammar and vocabulary for each unit of the Student's Book.
  • the Recording scripts for all listening tasks in the Student's Book Workbook and Test Book.
  • The Answer Key for all tasks in the Student's Book, Workbook, Test Book and Extra Tasks.
  • the complete Video scripts for all videos in the Student's Book.

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Ultimate English B1+ Class audio CDs
ISBN-13: 978-9925-31-574-1
CEFR Level: B1+
Ultimate English B1+ Interactive Whiteboard Software
ISBN-13: 978-9925-31-583-3
CEFR Level: B1+