English Download B1+ Student's book + E-book
ISBN-13: 9789963721870
CEFR Level: B1+
The authors: Elizabeth Gordon, Liz Hammond, Philip James, Liz Stolls

English Download B1+ Student’s Book includes:

•  12 theme-related units, each containing carefully designed tasks to develop students’ reading, listening, speaking and writing skills as well as build on their vocabulary and grammar.

•  12 Reload sections, one at the end of each unit, to reinforce vocabulary and grammar presented.

•  6 Progress Reviews, one after every two units, to further consolidate the vocabulary and grammar.

•  a Grammar Reference to support the grammar theory presented in each unit.

•  a Writing Bank and a Speaking Bank to support students’ productive skills

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English Download B1+ Workbook
ISBN-13: 9789963721849
CEFR Level: B1+
Author: Elizabeth Gordon



  • 12 theme-related units containing Reading, Vocabulary, Grammar, Listening and Writing Sections. The vocabulary and grammar taught in each unit of the student's book is further paractised in exam-style tasks in the Use-Your-English sections of each unit
  •  Progress Reviews, providing further consolidation of the vocabulary and grammar

An Interactive version of the Workbook, including the audio, can be found on the Interactive Whiteboard Software

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English Download B1+ Grammar and Vocabulary in Use
ISBN-13: 9789963721801
CEFR Level: B1+
Author: Lee Coveney

English Download B1+ Grammar and Vocabulary in Use contains:

  • clear, simple grammar theory presented in the same order as it appears in the the Student's Book 
  • a wide variety of grammar practice exercises
  • a multple-choice Vocabulary Review that reinforces lexical items taught in the Student's Book
  • a multple-choice Grammar Review that reinforces the unit's grammar points
  • a Use-Your-English section that practises the grammar and vocabulary of the unit in exam-style tasks.

Each progress review of English Download B1+ Grammar & Vocabulary in Use consolidates the grammar and vocabulary appearing in the preceding two units

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English Download B1+ Test book
ISBN-13: 9789963721825
CEFR Level: B1+
Author: Philip James



  • 12 multiple-choice quizzes that focus on the key vocabulary and grammar from the ten units of the student's book
  • 6 progress tests, one for use after every two units of the student's book, that include reading, vocabulary, grammar and writing tasks
  • a mid-year writing test and an end-of-year writing test covering reading, Use Your English and writing
  • a mid-year listening test and an end-of-year listening test, the audio for which can be found in the English Download A1 Class Audio CD & Test Audio CD and also on the Interactive Whiteboard Software

The Test Book also includes useful Student's Score Sheets, where test results and comments can be recorded

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English Download B1+ Teacher's book
ISBN-13: 9789963261093
CEFR Level: B1+
The authors: Elizabeth Gordon, Liz Hammond, Philip James, Liz Stolls

Teacher's book contains:

  • clear lesson plans with detailed instructions and the key to all tasks from the Student's Book
  • suggestions for extension tasks and teaching tips
  • the recording script with justification underlined for the listening tasks included in the Student's Book
  • photocopiable tasks for use with students who finish early in class, as a way of revising prior to a test, or as extra practice of the vocabulary and grammar in the Student's Book
  • The keys and recording scripts (justification underlined) for all tasks in the Workbook and the Test Book

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English Download B1+ Interactive Whiteboard Software
ISBN-13: 9789963721962
CEFR Level: B1+

Interactive Whiteboard Software contains the student's book and the workbook in digital format. Most of the tasks found in these books are interactive and have been developed to be easy to use by both students and teachers alike. The DVD links for the student's book openers as well as the audio accompanying both the student's book and the workbook listening tasks can be easily accessed. The reading passages found on the student's book are narrated on the IWB. Justification for all student's book and workbook reading comprehension and listening tasks is available at the touch of a button, as is the key to all tasks. The audio required for the listening tests in the Testbook has also been included.

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English Download B1+ Class CDs
ISBN-13: 9789963721771
CEFR Level: B1+

Audio CDs

This component consists of Class Audio CD, Workbook Audio CD and Test Book Audio CD. The class CD contains the narration of the reading passages as well all audio required for the listening tasks found in the student's book. The workbook CD contains the recordings required for the listening tasks in the workbook. The test book audio CD includes the audio required for the Mid-Year Listening Test and the End-of-Year Listening Test. The recordings found on all audio CDs can be accessed on the IWB and downloaded from the website. Professional actors are used in all recordings to ensure clarity and accurate intonation and pronunciation.

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