American Kids' Zone 6 Pupil's Book
ISBN-13: 9789925319688
CEFR Level: A2

American Kids’ Zone 6 features:
● an introductory unit reviewing key language from previous levels, as well as introducing the main characters in the exciting ongoing story, The Amazing Kids
● unit openers that activate theme-related vocabulary from Cambridge YLE Starters and American Kids’ Zone 5
● t heme-related units, including lessons about amazing people, places and things, as well as special skills-building lessons that actively develop students’ listening, speaking and writing skills
● regular reviews that reinforce language presented within the unit and that finish with a theme-related video
● theme-related catchy songs; one in the introductory unit and one after every two reviews
● theme-related CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning) and Culture sections that encourage students to engage in pair or group work while focusing on other subjects such as math or geography in English, or while exploring a particular aspect of life
● beautifully-illustrated episodes of the exciting ongoing story, The Amazing Kids, that not only capture students’ imagination and motivate them to read in English, but also reinforce the themes and language presented in the student’s book
● values and Now take it home! features that ensure students connect their learning to the real world

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American Kids' Zone 6 Workbook
ISBN-13: 978-9925-31-971-8
CEFR Level: A2