Little Yeti Pre-Primary Pupil's Book
ISBN-13: 9789925314720
CEFR Level: Pre-A1

Little Yeti! is an exciting new course for very young learners which is beautifully illustrated and full of fun activities. Ideal for completely new learners as well as learners who have done one year of baby English classes.

Little Yeti! includes:
• language expressions lessons.
• learn the alphabet lessons.
• full-colour stickers.
• fun crafts, songs and chants.
• free Picture Dictionary.
• free Celebration Time booklet.
• free First Phonics booklet.
• ‘Say it!’ feature.
• downloadable teachers’ resources.

New Advanced Interactive Whiteboard Software featuring:
• interactive lesson pages.
• animated lessons.
• animated song videos.
• sing-along videos with real-life children.
• craft videos with real-life children.
• fun interactive whiteboard games to end your lessons and reinforce the language learnt.

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