English Journey 1 Student's Book
ISBN-13: 9789925317363
CEFR Level: Pre-A1
Author: Ruby Devon

English Journey is an exciting and complete ten-level English course especially researched and written to appeal to young learners and teenagers alike. Its carefully constructed syllabus gradually and effectively takes your students from Pre-A1 (Beginner) to C2 level (Proficiency) in the CEFR. Each level is of a manageable length and can be completed in one academic year.

English Journey 1 features:
• exciting unit profile pages with striking visuals that engage students through personalised warm-up tasks
• clearly-structured, easy-to-follow lessons organised to fit the teaching year
• all the key grammar and essential vocabulary required for primary school students, transparently presented and methodically practised
• fun and achievable activities developing and practising all four skills
• stimulating CLIL pages focussing on other school subjects such as maths and science in English, which aim to enrich the learners’ experience
• theme-related culture pages that introduce learners to the English-speaking world
• regular revision sections
• memorable songs and chants
• a special Values section in every unit

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English Journey 1 Workbook
ISBN-13: 9789925317387
CEFR Level: Pre-A1

English Journey 1 Workbook features:
• an introductory unit
• page-for-page practice for every main lesson in the Student’s Book, in full colour
• fun activities that focus on the new language
• carefully constructed tasks that are simple for young learners to do as homework
• additional revision exercises every two units
• actual write-in spaces for young children to handwrite their answers
• enjoyable language games and extra sticker activities to enhance the learners’ sense of achievement

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